We have enhanced the value and developed new experiences around your brand - creating innovation - since 1977.
Seriart G2 teams its expertise in the silk-screen printing industry with ongoing research into the use of the highest performing materials, devising applications which are a national and international success. From major industrial groups, to motorcycle manufacturers, from the most famous fashion brands to electric household appliance manufacturers: our customers find that our products are the winning formula, consisting of research and innovative solutions, industrial technology, cutting-edge laboratories and creativity.

The production cycle begins with the 3D design in Cad/Cam, in our dedicated department, followed by the processing of moulds with numerical control mills to produce an infinite range of 3D labels, logos and brands. The combination of silk-screen printing with digital printing, suitably protected by special coatings, makes it possible to achieve an extraordinary variety of effects and finishes.

Seriart G2, innovative brand experience


Looking to the future and imagining new potential. In our research & development department, we devise strategies and come up with the most suitable systems to achieve products affording the highest performance levels.

The combination of technique and creativity, the mastery of design tools, a keen eye for the latest market demands: we believe and invest in the future, and always have.

In our workshop, we also run important resistance and quality tests: from the Solarbox chamber to test resistance to UV rays, to climatic chamber tests to check resistance to climate variables (heat, cold, humidity).


The company implements a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system